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I am trying extremely hard to find out more about Elia, but her early life is still very much a mystery since she was not born in the United States.  This has made my research quite a bit more difficult.


Elia feeding one of the pet lions at Woodside, c. late 1930s. In the film there are two distinct lions, so I am not sure which is the lion Bill. TLPS Archives.

However, here are some still shots from some of the Whittell Films that I just adore of her.  She was NOT a woman who stayed inside and merely drank tea or knitted.  She loved to travel and was very active.  I have many pictures of her skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors.


Elia and perhaps Mae, sledding down the drive at Thunderbird Lodge. Date unknown. TLPS Archives.


Elia ice skating with an unidentified man in possibly Switzerland. Date unknown. TLPS Archives.


Elia taking a fall. Date unknown. TLPS Archives.


Elia taking skiing lesson, possibly in Switzerland. Date unknown. TLPS Archives.


Elia dragging a sled along. Date unknown. TLPS Archives.

As I am watching these films, I am wondering why so many of them are of Elia traveling.  Was that so George could see what she was up to? So he felt included?  Or was it just that they could afford the luxury at the time of having so many travels filmed? George did not accompany Elia on her international trips, but her niece Jacqueline is often present.   I am looking forward to finding out more about Elia.