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One of the best parts of the films is seeing the Lodge as it was when George Whittell Jr. was here and it was full of life.  In a couple of screenshots from the Whittell films, we get some more clues as to changes that have taken place on the grounds over the years. The first shot we have GW proudly holding a fish.  The second shot we have a unnamed a worker feeding a bit of the fish to one of GW’s dogs. We can see to the left of GW a running waterfall that is currently a bench.  You also will note fewer trees than we have today.  As for the worker in white, I am trying to figure out exactly who he is.  Where the worker is standing is currently where the metal stairway from the terrace ends. The pictures below are from roughly the same viewpoint today and you can really see the changes.  – Jesse 


TLPS Archives.


TLPS Archives.


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