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Well, fun is relative.  One of the most important tasks that faces all museums, including house museums like Thunderbird Lodge, is the proper care and cleaning of the artifacts in the collection.  This falls under the curatorial duties, and whether it is the curator, the collections manager, registrar (or whichever of several titles there are out there, which is usually still all the same person), getting the artifacts clean means getting dirty.  Today I spent my day cleaning out the cabinets on the first floor where many of our more sturdy artifacts are stored.  I am covered in dust and a few dead spiders, but our Whittell pieces are clean as whistle!

I also got to use our newest toy pictured above – the Data-Vac!  Okay, this might not seem like a fun toy to many folks out there, but when you can gently clean out one of George Whittell’s typewriters and get every little bit of dust out and have it look like new, well it feels good! This specialty vacuum is pretty much the opposite in power of those Allison engines in the Thunderbird, but the ability to get safely into small crevices is very important.  It is important for all of you to know that we take the care and preservation of all our collection here at Thunderbird Lodge very seriously – from the yacht, the buildings, down to the smallest artifacts, it is all part of the Whittell story. 

Tomorrow I will post some of our freshly cleaned pieces for you.  But now, time for this artifact to get cleaned up!

–        Jesse