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Florence (Flora) Irene Whittell Wharry (b. 1858, d. 1902)

One thing that is constant in George Whittell Jr.’s life is he was surrounded by fascinating women…including those in his own family.

Flora was George Whittell Jr.’s aunt and the youngest child of Hugh Whittell’s.  I cannot find very much about her, but from what I do know, is that she must have led an interesting life. 

Her husband, Dr. Charles John Wharry, graduated with an M.D. from Aberdeen University in 1873 and was a noted physician in Hong Kong. That is where the couple were living when Flora’s father passed away.  They left Hong Kong to make their home in London by 1890.  Their last documented journey to the United States was in 1895 from England to New York.   

Flora was the one who initially took the estate to court after Hugh Whittell’s death.  His estate had been divided between his three children and his widow, who was an entire 57 years younger than Hugh.  However, Flora was not arguing over what the young widow should receive, but rather over a wording technicality regarding the old Whittell homestead.  Flora won, but it made no difference in the distribution and it seemed that all parties got along rather well. 

Flora died at the age of 44 in 1902.  Charles lived another 28 years, passing in 1930.   There is no evidence that they had children, but there is more to Flora to be found!

–  Jesse 

It should be noted that her niece (Dr. Alexander Pope Whittell’s daughter) was named Florence Irene Whittell as well. 

Photograph from the Thunderbird Lodge Preservation Society collection.  Dated 1892, “Flora Whittell Wharry.”