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One of the biggest questions about George Whittell is about a little thing: his middle initial.  Or lack of.  Through reading the many newspaper articles about George Jr. along with court documents, wills, draft cards, and all sorts of other documents, I have not been able to find concrete evidence of George Jr. actually having a middle name.  Not one legal document I have found lists one.  Newspaper articles vary from the letter N. to C. and P., F., B., and S. In fact, finding any early records, including a birth certificate has been difficult, which is not uncommon given that many women still birthed at home in the late 1800s.

So this is an ongoing question that calls for more research! 

Attached are some documents for you to see for yourself, it is not clear!  Included  is an article on his first society engagement showing his initial as F., to his WW2 draft card that clearly has a dash where a middle initial goes, to passport applications with nothing.  What do you think?

– Jesse